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Using advanced microrobotics Filare’s unique dual-touch stimulation points roll firmly over and around the clitoris like a skillful partner’s tongue.

With 10 speeds and 3 modes to choose from, Filare starts with slow, sensual circles and builds to intense oscillation that leaves you breathless.

Adjustable and palm-shaped to help you find the perfect angle for your body, Filare is body-safe, waterproof, and rechargeable.


2 stimulation points — swirling in a circle for even more sensation and movement.

2 ball heights — control how far the balls press out of the silicone for just the right angle of stimulation for your body.

3 stimulation modes — control the direction of movement - clockwise, counter-clockwise, and swirling back and forth.

Beautifully Palm shaped — nestles comfortably in your hand.



Feels like a partner’s tongue — advanced microrobotics mimic the feel of a human tongue.

Customizable to match your needs — one button controls the direction of movement and how far the stimulation points press out of the silicone for just the right sensations.

Light licks to intense vibrations — offering 10 intensity levels Filare starts off slow and sensual and builds to intense vibrations, so take your time and savor your arousal.


Any way you want it

Set Filare's dual touch stimulation points to smoothly rotate clockwise, counter-clockwise or swirling back and forth.



Reach new heights

Want a lighter touch? Or a bolder stroke? With two ball heights, Filare lets you control how far the stimulation points press out of the soft silicone.


Materials: Body-safe silicone and ABS plastic
Color: Navy blue
Finish: Matte soft touch
Width: 54mmHeight: 59mm
Weight: 114 gBattery: Rechargeable
Charging time: 2 hours
Use Time: 1 hour
Settings: 3 modes • 10 intensity levels
Includes: Filare, magnetic USB charging cable, user manual, storage pouch

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