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Designed to mimic the feeling of a mouth, lips, and tongue over the clitoris, Baci uses microrobotics and airflow technology to stroke and caress while its uniquely shaped ridges offer rhythmic thrumming against the full body of the clitoris.
Body-safe, waterproof, and rechargeable, Baci recreates all the sensations of the most attentive oral pleasure.


Clitoral Mouth — surrounds the glans clitoris and uses advanced airflow technology to mimic the sensations of a mouth and tongue.

Clitoral Stimulator — rests between the outer labia, allowing the ridges to thrum against the full length of the clitoris and vulva.

Protective cover — premium cover for storage and style.

Palm-held — designed to perfectly fit in the hand with buttons positioned to avoid accidental presses.


Mimics lips and tongue — uses patent-pending microrobotics to simulate human movement.

Stimulates the full clitoris — patent-pending full coverage design stimulates both visible and hidden parts of the clitoris.

Totally new sensations — two types of clitoral stimulation combine to feel like nothing you’ve felt before, no need for vibration.

Smart sensations
The clitoral mouth uses airflow technology to mimic the feeling of a human mouth and tongue lightly sucking and stroking over the glans clitoris, mimicking the focused attention of a talented partner.

All-around arousing
At the same time, the smooth ridges of the clitoral stimulator rest within the outer labia and provide rhythmic thrumming throughout the full body of the clitoris - above and below the surface.

Color: Rose
Material: Body-safe silicone and ABS Plastic
Finish: Matte soft-touch
Stimulator dimension: 43mm X 60mm, 1.7in x 2.4in
Mouth dimension: 15mm X 20mm / .6in x .8
Intensity levels: 10
Weight: 154g / 5.4oz
Battery: Rechargeable
Includes: Baci, protective cover, magnetic USB charging cable, user guide, storage pouch.

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